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A Comfortable, Warm Home

Mild weather is one of the things I love the best about the southern United States. I’ve lived in this region of the country all of my life. During the winter season, I rarely see snow or sleet. In fact, I sometimes wear short sleeves during the cold weather months. However, I occasionally need to bundle up in one of my favorite, colorful coats, jackets, or sweaters. And, I also have to run my heater at nighttime. Thankfully, my husband and I scheduled an appointment with an HVAC contractor this past fall, so we are confident that our heater will last through the winter. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most common solutions to a broken heating system. Enjoy!


Three Signs You Need To Replace Your Furnace’s Heating Oil Storage Tank

Your furnace is the most important appliance within your home during the winter months, as it is the only one that actually makes your home comfortable to live in when the temperature has fallen below freezing. Oil-powered furnaces provide an effective and affordable source of heat for your home. However, just like all other types of major appliances, oil-burning furnaces can suffer from wear and tear over time. One of the major sources of potential wear for your furnace is the oil storage tank; damage and wear can eventually lead to an oil leak, which can be expensive to fix and a major safety hazard. Read More