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A Comfortable, Warm Home

Mild weather is one of the things I love the best about the southern United States. I’ve lived in this region of the country all of my life. During the winter season, I rarely see snow or sleet. In fact, I sometimes wear short sleeves during the cold weather months. However, I occasionally need to bundle up in one of my favorite, colorful coats, jackets, or sweaters. And, I also have to run my heater at nighttime. Thankfully, my husband and I scheduled an appointment with an HVAC contractor this past fall, so we are confident that our heater will last through the winter. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most common solutions to a broken heating system. Enjoy!


Parents Of Dirty Children May Experience Problems With Their Heater

Children often bring a lot of love and joy into their parents' lives but can be a challenge for some. For example, children may have a surprising effect on the HVAC unit of their home, one that may require professional help to manage.  Children May Bring Dirt Into The House Playing outside provides children with the chance to exercise and exert themselves in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, a child coming inside after a few hours of playing could be dragging in a lot of dirt and dust on their shoes and their clothing. Read More 

3 Signs You Should Have Your Home Energy Audited

An energy audit consists of an HVAC professional coming in to inspect the insulation, ductwork, vents, and other components of your home's climate control system. It can identify potential home improvement projects that you should complete to boost the overall efficiency of your central heating and cooling systems, saving you money each month by reducing your wasted energy. Understanding some of the indications that you would benefit from an energy audit can help you figure out when the best time to get in touch with a professional would be. Read More 

3 Signs Of A Clogged HVAC Filter

Your HVAC system's air filter is designed to prevent dust and other contaminants from clogging up your climate control system, and also works to keep your air quality and ductwork clear. A clogged air filter can cause all sorts of complications for your home, but thankfully can be replaced by hand. However, identifying when you need to replace your current filter can be tricky. Thankfully, there are several things that you can watch out for to determine when you need to head to a hardware store to pick up a replacement HVAC filter. Read More 

The Three Main Types Of Central Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are one of the most common types of central heating units for residential properties, and for good reason. They offer faster and more even heating than their electric counterparts, and depending on local prices, can be cheaper to operate as well. There are three main types of gas furnaces available on the market, each of which performs the same function but operates in a slightly different way from one another and thus confers a different set of benefits onto your home. Read More 

Benefits Of Having A Zoned HVAC System Vs. Two Units In A Two-Story House

In the past, many contractors suggested installing two separate heating and air conditioning units in two-story homes. After all, this was once the ideal way to keep both floors at a comfortable temperature. Nowadays, though, there is a far better option: having just one heating and air conditioning unit installed and setting it up with multiple zones. These are a few reasons why this can be the better choice. 1. Save on Replacement Costs Read More