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A Comfortable, Warm Home

Mild weather is one of the things I love the best about the southern United States. I’ve lived in this region of the country all of my life. During the winter season, I rarely see snow or sleet. In fact, I sometimes wear short sleeves during the cold weather months. However, I occasionally need to bundle up in one of my favorite, colorful coats, jackets, or sweaters. And, I also have to run my heater at nighttime. Thankfully, my husband and I scheduled an appointment with an HVAC contractor this past fall, so we are confident that our heater will last through the winter. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most common solutions to a broken heating system. Enjoy!

Plumbing Emergency? Tips To Help You Find A Budget-Friendly Plumber

When your plumbing begins to go haywire, you know you have to act fast. Letting a plumbing emergency linger for even a single day may be enough for the situation to spiral out of control. The backed-up toilet that just won't flush could overflow, causing soiled water to spill out all over your carpeting and ruin the lower parts of your furniture. You need a plumber right now but because your funds are tight you may think the help is out of reach. Read More 

How To Know When Your Air Conditioner Requires Repairs

When the temperatures are scorching hot outside, nothing feels better than walking into a cool home. However, like with other appliances, air conditioners wear down after a while and require repairs. It is important to know when your air conditioning system needs professional attention. Here are a few signs your air conditioner needs repairs. Your House Isn't Getting Cool If your home just is not getting cool anymore, you can bet that there is an issue with your air conditioner. Read More 

2 Things To Check Before Calling An HVAC Repair Service

In the cold of winter, you want to make sure that your house is as nice and warm as possible. So, if your furnace stops working, you want to make sure that you have it taken care of as soon as possible. You can call a repair service to come and check out your furnace so that they can see if they can fix the problem and get your furnace working again. Read More 

4 Reasons Your Furnace Can’t Run Long Enough After It Cycles On

If your furnace turns on and blows warm air but it doesn't run very long, the problem might be restricted airflow, a dirty furnace, or a tripped safety mechanism. You don't want to run your furnace when it shuts down too soon, especially if it can't run long enough to warm up your house, or the furnace might be damaged. Here are some possible causes of this problem. 1. The Blower Motor Is Bad Read More 

Dealing with Air Conditioning Repairs After Major Storms

When there is severe weather, you may be dealing with different damage types when the weather clears. Sometimes, the damage that storms cause may not be apparent at first. This is because problems with debris or electrical storms can damage mechanical systems like your air conditioner. So, what type of air conditioning repairs will you need after storms knock out your AC? 1. Electrical storms and AC damage One of the biggest causes of issues with AC systems being damaged during storms is lightning. Read More