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A Comfortable, Warm Home

Mild weather is one of the things I love the best about the southern United States. I’ve lived in this region of the country all of my life. During the winter season, I rarely see snow or sleet. In fact, I sometimes wear short sleeves during the cold weather months. However, I occasionally need to bundle up in one of my favorite, colorful coats, jackets, or sweaters. And, I also have to run my heater at nighttime. Thankfully, my husband and I scheduled an appointment with an HVAC contractor this past fall, so we are confident that our heater will last through the winter. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most common solutions to a broken heating system. Enjoy!

2 Common HVAC Problems That You Can Fix Yourself

Problems with HVAC can be annoying. Even worse, they can be wasteful. Sometimes, the simplest and most easily fixed problems can lead to a wasteful HVAC system and increased utility bills. Before you can fix these problems, you need to find the source. This article explains 2 of the most common HVAC problems and how to fix them.

Dusty Air Means You Need to Change Your Filter

If you're experience dusty air in your home, you want to fix it as soon as possible. Dusty air can lead to allergies and other health issues. Even worse, dust can turn into mold if it becomes damp. Having air blow over mold is even worse than having dust in your ducts. Both dust and mold can be an indication that your filter is not working properly. That is, it could be incorrectly installed or it could just be old and needs replacing.

Cleaning your filter is an ineffective waste of time. It is impossible to give the felt a thorough cleaning. Filters are cheap and easy to replace. It is more economical and more effective if you just change your filter. Air filters cost less than $30, so replacing them once or twice a year is the way to go. The filters are conveniently located outside of the main furnace, right where the ducts feed into the box. You can slide the filter out by hand. No tools are required. Double check the filter number so you can be sure the fit is perfect. A filter than is just 1" too short or 1/8" too wide will be ineffective.

Weak Airflow Means You Should Check Your Registers

The air registers play a huge part in the airflow of your system. In most cases, it is not a good idea to just leave every register in the open position. Some rooms needs more air than others. This also varies from season to season. That is, one room that is reliant on AC during the summer might not need as much warm airflow. You should probably adjust your registers between summer and winter for maximum efficiency. You should also clean the registers to make sure there are no dust blockages in between individual vents.

The longer you wait and leave these problems unattended, the more severe they can become. This obviously means it will take more and more time and money to fix them. If you do run into any problems, be sure to call a professional service, such as All American Air & Electric, Inc.