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What Causes Noisy HVAC Vents And Ducts?

Strange noises from your HVAC vents and ducts could indicate that something has gone awry in the system. Since the ductwork plays an important role of supplying air to your home to ensure even heating and air conditioning, it is important that you learn what could be causing such annoying sounds so you can take action before your entire HVAC unit starts costing you money and comfort. Read on to learn common causes of such noises.

Obstructed air flow

Annoying noises from your vents are often caused by obstructions in the return and supply air flow. Supply vents that are obstructed by furniture or carpeting can start popping due to increased air pressure at the outlets, which would require that any items blocking the smooth flow of air be removed. You should also open each shut duct damper and individually adjust its internal actuator until the annoying noises stop.

Dirt in the air filter's blower wheels could also cause the HVAC system to work harder to circulate air in your home, resulting in strange whistling or popping sounds in the vents. Additionally, dust that has accumulated deep inside the vents can form gaps and holes in the pipes, causing the ducts to produce loud acoustic vibrations and noises. For a smoother flow of air in your home, call in an HVAC contractor to clean the air vents and replace clogged air filters. Such maintenance can also help the unit run more efficiently, cutting your utility costs.

Temperature fluctuations

Typically, air ducts are made from metallic material that can expand when the blower comes on in cold weather and contract when the AC starts up in hot weather. This often causes a ticking sound due to the expansion and contraction of the ducts. Installing rubber padding between the hangers and ductwork can absorb the vibration and stop the noises.

You should also coat the ducts with fiberglass insulation to reduce any drastic temperature fluctuations that may cause the pipes to bang violently. Finally, have a heating contractor inspect the ductwork to ensure there is ample space for expanding pipes to move within the framing so as to prevent knocking noises.

Undersized ductwork

Another common cause of HVAC noises is undersized ductwork. As air flows into the supply side, it causes the pipes to pressurize, which creates a small vacuum in the return side. This in turn causes the ducts to expand and contract, causing a banging sound. You should call in an expert to check that your ductwork matches manufacturer requirements for the size of your HVAC unit so as to prevent this issue and improve the performance of the system.

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