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A Comfortable, Warm Home

Mild weather is one of the things I love the best about the southern United States. I’ve lived in this region of the country all of my life. During the winter season, I rarely see snow or sleet. In fact, I sometimes wear short sleeves during the cold weather months. However, I occasionally need to bundle up in one of my favorite, colorful coats, jackets, or sweaters. And, I also have to run my heater at nighttime. Thankfully, my husband and I scheduled an appointment with an HVAC contractor this past fall, so we are confident that our heater will last through the winter. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most common solutions to a broken heating system. Enjoy!

HVAC Sector Continues To Go Green

Whether you are looking to get into the HVAC market, or you are already working in this area, you should be aware of the latest trends. This allows you to stay on top of the market and tailor your services so you can continue to build your client base. Everywhere you look, "going green" is the latest and greatest trend. Some trends die off and become irrelevant, however, the green trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, if you are an HVAC contractor or designer and you haven't gotten on board with this trend, you need to update your business model because you may be left behind. 

Green Building to Double by 2018

A recent study shows that "green" building will double across the globe by 2018. This includes green forms of heating and air conditioning in homes, offices, schools and other commercial buildings. This explosion in green building methods is great for the environment as it helps reduce harmful emissions from being released into the atmosphere and eliminates trash and debris from being dumped on the ground. This uptrend will also provide a great benefit to builders, designers, engineers and contractors that specialize in HVAC systems. U.S. firms have stated that they will ramp up green building efforts in the next years, and will triple output. The U.S. has a higher percentage of companies that specialize in green building and remodeling than any other country across the globe. As a result, these efforts to increase green building projects will be beneficial for the environment and the U.S. economy.

How You Can Get Involved

If you are looking to break into installing green HVAC systems, there are several things you should do. First, research the practice of going green with regards to HVAC systems. There are many new trends in HVAC systems that reduce the cost to the property owner while reducing the burden on the environment. You could specialize in simple solutions, such as insulation upgrades and thermostats. You can also handle the design and installation of complete HVAC systems that are green certified. Next, you should research your market, and determine the best way to market green HVAC systems to clients who are building new construction projects, and customers that could benefit from retrofitting current HVAC systems with green components. You should also begin a marketing campaign to get your name in front of current and potential clients, along with the reasons that going green is great for people, the economy and the planet. 

Green building and design is not just the latest trend, it is the practice of the future. HVAC servicers and providers need to get on board now or be left behind. Contact a business, such as Getzschman Heating, LLC, for more information.