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Deep Cleaning Tricks For The Drain In Your Kitchen Sink And Garbage Disposal

Kitchen sinks are subject to a lot of use each day. In addition to water and other liquids, food particles and other contaminants can find their way into the drain of your kitchen sink. If you have a garbage disposal attached to your drain, it's important that you take the time to thoroughly clean the disposal and the drain on a regular basis.

Here are two simple deep cleaning tricks you can use to keep your kitchen's garbage disposal and sink drain clean in the future.

1. Keep germs and bacteria at bay with white vinegar.

When you are worried about germs and bacteria growing in your garbage disposal and drain, then using a bit of white vinegar could provide you with the sanitation you desire. Vinegar is completely biodegradable, which means vinegar particles will not linger in your drain and contaminate your kitchen.

Freezing some white vinegar in an ice cube tray and tossing the ice cubes into your garbage disposal on a regular basis will help ensure the deepest clean possible. The vinegar will coat the entire disposal and drain as it melts, killing any bacteria or germs left behind by food particles. As the disposal crushes the ice cubes, the blades will be sharpened to improve functionality as well.

2. Keep your drain smelling fresh with some lemon slices.

When food particles are left behind after you run items through your garbage disposal, they can begin to smell as they break down over time. If you want to prevent your kitchen from becoming contaminated with odors coming from your sink's drain, you can reach for a lemon for help.

Slicing up a lemon and running the slices through the garbage disposal will lend a fresh scent to your kitchen. The acidic nature of the lemon slices will help neutralize the bacteria in your garbage disposal and drain that cause odors. Be sure that you cut the lemon into slices thin enough that your garbage disposal's blade can tear through the tough skin of the lemon, since many of the oils and juices that aid in the cleaning process are released from the skin.

Keeping the drain in your kitchen sink free from germs, bacteria, and foul odors is easier than you think. Taking the time to freeze white vinegar or slice a few lemons and run them through your garbage disposal can give you the deepest clean possible. For more information, why not find out more from a go-to site?